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Snuggle Baby

The Sweet Swaddle

The Sweet Swaddle

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Wrap your little bundle of joy in the sweetest of baby swaddles - a square 110cm by 110cm 100% cotton cocoon of comfort. With its soft and breathable cotton fabric, this swaddle ensures your baby stays cosy without overheating, making it perfect for all seasons and climates.

Crafted with the utmost care, this baby swaddle is designed to provide the ultimate comfort for your little one. The 100% cotton material is gentle on delicate skin, creating an embrace that soothes your baby into a peaceful slumber.

With six delightful designs to choose from, select the perfect style that reflects your baby's unique personality. This swaddle is not only a practical item but also a cherished keepsake.

Measuring 110cm by 110cm, the Sweet Swaddle offers ample coverage, allowing you to wrap your baby securely and comfortably. The generous size also makes it versatile for other uses, such as a stroller cover or a nursing cover.

Embrace the joy of swaddling your baby in the sweetest cocoon of comfort. The softness, breathability, and gorgeous designs of this 100% cotton baby swaddle make it a must-have for every new parent. Create beautiful memories of love and security as you wrap your little one in this delightful and cosy swaddle.

Fabric: 100% cotton
Size: 110cm x 110cm


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