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Snuggle Baby

The Snuggle Pod

The Snuggle Pod

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Introducing the Snuggle Pod - an incredibly soft, comfortable, and safe way to keep your baby cosy and secure no matter what time of day. The Snuggle Pod is made with an outer layer of vegan sheepskin and a cotton lining and filling to ensure maximum comfort and breathable warmth for babies during their nap times or bedtime sleep. Its range of sizes accommodates babies up to 12 months old while the gorgeous bear and rabbit designs make it a perfect addition to any nursery. Take it with you when out and about or on visits for a convenient sleep solution. With its snuggly sleep-giving properties, the Snuggle Pod is a favourite with bubs and their parents!

Fabric: Vegan sheepskin outer with cotton lining and filling.

Sizes: 3 months -  40cm x 62cm; 6 months - 42cm x 68cm; 9 months - 45cm x 78cm

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